Modern technologies in the training of National Guard of Ukraine cadets


Cadets of the National Guard Military Academy of Ukraine use modern technology in their training. They are training in close combat using SKIFTECH Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems.

How to Choose Tactical Simulators?


In recent years of war in Ukraine, with the increasing demand for military training, new companies have emerged on the market offering tactical simulators. This article will discuss what to pay attention to before purchasing tactical simulators.

What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing simulators?

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   With the constant development of technology and changes in modern military training methods, selecting the right simulator becomes a key task for effective military personnel training. When choosing such simulators, attention should be paid to several important characteristics that ensure quality and effective training.


Realism of scenarios

   One of the key aspects of simulators is the realism of the scenarios they offer. It is important for scenarios to replicate real combat conditions and consider various factors such as weather, terrain, and actions of enemy forces.


SKIFTECH simulators cover all major training scenarios for Ground Forces – from ambushes and room clearing to attacks or defense of populated areas.


Interactivity and ease of control

   The simulator should be interactive and allow servicemen to interact with it in real-time. Convenient control and interface are key factors for the effective use of the simulator and for maximizing training effectiveness.


Monitoring and progress analysis

   Tactical simulators should provide the ability to monitor and analyze the progress of servicemen. This allows commanders to make effective assessments of training achievements and identify weaknesses in preparation for further improvement.


Each SKIFTECH simulator has software for collecting statistics and monitoring the actions of servicemen in real-time.


Adaptability to different needs

   Military scenarios and tasks equipment, weapons, and technology vary. Simulators should be adaptable to different needs and work with various types of military equipment.


SKIFTECH simulators are compatible with both Soviet-era and NATO equipment or technology.


Safety and reliability

   Simulators should be safe for use by servicemen and sturdy enough to withstand prolonged and intensive use.

SKIFTECH simulators are safe for the life and health of servicemen, do not harm the environment, and have the necessary certifications. Our team ensures the quality of equipment, for example, the impact sensors for military vehicles can withstand a direct tank collision and continue to operate.


When choosing tactical simulators for military training, it is important to pay attention to several key characteristics that ensure effective training and increased combat readiness of military personnel. The main factors to consider when choosing the optimal simulator are the realism of scenarios, interactivity, progress monitoring, adaptability, and safety.