SKIFTECH’s contribution to the victory: two years of support for the Ukrainian army


Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has significantly altered the strategies and approaches to training Ukrainian defenders.

Shoothouse – a complex for training assault units


“Shoothouse” plays an important role in preparing not only special forces, but also assault units for conducting combat operations in urban areas.

How to Choose Tactical Simulators?

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   In recent years of war in Ukraine, with the increasing demand for military training, new companies have emerged on the market offering tactical simulators. While this may seem promising, not all manufacturers guarantee their equipment’s high quality and effectiveness. This article will discuss what to pay attention to before purchasing tactical simulators.


Experience and Reputation of the Company

   Before deciding to purchase equipment from a particular manufacturer, it is important to research its experience in the field of military simulation and evaluate its reputation among clients. Thoroughly check reviews and recommendations from other military organizations or servicemembers who have already used the company’s products.


SKIFTECH Team has been developing and manufacturing tactical simulators for over 10 years. Our simulators are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service, and other state military organizations of Ukraine. We also cooperate with the US Department of Energy since 2017, providing tactical training to servicemembers stationed at nuclear power plant facilities.

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Technical Specifications and Capabilities

   Before purchasing equipment, pay attention to the technical specifications of the simulator. Make sure they meet your needs and can reproduce realistic combat conditions. SKIFTECH equipment is safe for servicemembers and has certified protection according to international IK and IP standards. This allows the equipment to be used in any weather conditions from -20°C to +40°C.


Testing Before Purchase

Always insist on the opportunity to test the equipment before purchasing it. This will allow you to personally assess the quality of the simulator and its suitability for your needs. The SKIFTECH team forms the cost of equipment on individual terms, depending on the needs and requests of the client. You will be able to test the equipment independently, and our specialists will assist you with online setup and consultations.


Warranty and Support

Ensure the company provides warranties for its equipment and has a customer support system. This will help avoid problems in the future and ensure the uninterrupted operation of the simulators. The warranty for all equipment supplied by SKIFTECH is 24 months. In case of a confirmed malfunction of a specific training module, repair or replacement of the module with a new one is provided.

In conclusion, before purchasing tactical simulators for military training, it is important to conduct thorough market research and carefully consider all aspects of the potential manufacturer. This will help avoid the risk of purchasing inferior equipment and ensure effective and successful training for servicemembers.