An integrated simulator with virtual reality technology for the tactical training of different types of troops.

With SKIFTECH-VR you can


Conduct individual or group training for soldiers.


Work on training soldiers for engagements using real people, or artificial intelligence.


Create special scenarios according to the level of training of the soldier.


Perform different exercises, taking into account the specifics of the troops.

The SKIFTECH VR system includes


A personal VR kit


SKIFTECH-VR software

A Personal VR kit

The personal VR kit allows the soldier to feel as if he is at a real training ground. The equipment displays virtual objects and can interact with them.

A personal VR kit includes

A virtual reality headset

With the help of the headset, the soldier sees other fighters (and their actions), military equipment, the location of the virtual training, and other items used for training.

A weapon simulator

Using a simulated rifle, a soldier can interact with virtual objects, fire on opponents, military equipment, and other targets, depending on the type of training and the conditions of the scenario.

The “Dzhmil” stress belt

When a fighter is conditionally injured, the “Dzhmil” stress belt sends a short electrical impulse to the body. The physical sensation of each hit increases the realism of the virtual battle and the psychologically trains the soldiers.

The SKIFTECH-VR software

The software is installed on the control device to interact and control the personal VRl kits of all the soldiers participating in the training.

SKIFTECH software allows you to

Create training scenarios

You can change the training parameters depending on the level of training of the soldier, and the specifics of the troops. You can create different types of scenarios from two-way fire contact, to hostage retrieval.

Follow the training process

The instructor can monitor the actions of the soldier in real-time, and see what the soldier sees. Being able to see it also allows you to detect errors in their actions more effectively, as well as give guidance or commands.

Capture statistics

During training, detailed statistics are collected to track the effectiveness of each soldier. After training, the instructor can analyze the results of training to identify strengths and weaknesses.