The "ATGM THOR" system

The "ATGM THOR" training complex is designed on the basis of combat training with the ATGM to practise hitting enemy equipment.

With the "ATGM THOR" system one can:


Teach the ATGM operator to hit targets with guided missiles


Acquire skills in working with standard guidance devices.


Obtain a clear assessment of the effectiveness and training level of ATGM operators.

The "ATGM THOR" system consists of:


An ATGM hinged emitter and software tablet and an impact simulator for armored vehicles

The ATGM hinged emitter

The hinged unit is mounted on a regular ATGM, it has a laser emitter to simulate a shot. Conditional start is made by remote control. Missle guidance is carried out by regular combat ATGM.

The advantages of using a hinged emitter.

The ability to conduct training without the use of actual munitions
The use of ATGM guidance devices
The training can be carried out without making changes to the design of the regular ATGM

The Imitators of defeated of armored vehicles

The simulators are used for capturing and indicating the defeat of armored vehicles (light, sound, and pyrotechnic). During training, they are mounted on armored vehicles, which will serve as the target of the ATGM.

The advantages of using simulators to defeat armored vehicles.

Realistic imitation of the hit using pyrotechnic devices.
The sensors capture damage throughout the area of armored vehicles. So there are no blind spots.
The data from the simulators are instantly displayed in the software.