Our mission

To become a major manufacturer of high-tech solutions that are of a high-quality for effective and realistic military training for soldiers.

Our values

Most of our workers have their own military experience, so they have a clear understanding of what the product should be like.

We believe that the main criteria for a quality solution for military training are:




Easy to use and maintain


The ability to withstand the harsh conditions of military training


Realistic training, and a close proximity to actual combat


The ability to analyze the effectiveness of the training

The vision of the product

We understand that the general level of training of soldiers directly influences the ability to achieve set goals. That's why we build systems that bring training as close as possible to real combat conditions. This allows fighters to get used to emergency conditions and continue to make the right decisions despite the environment and external stimuli.

We are trusted

After delivery of the equipment, our specialists will keep in touch with you. We look forward to regular feedback that will allow us to improve the quality of the equipment and improve the overall performance of training. For all our products, we provide a comprehensive 24-month warranty, as well as offer upgrades and improvements to various aspects of the equipment.