The Anti-sniper system

The Anti-sniper system is a complex consisting of personal kits and interactive targets used to train snipers.

With the Antisniper system one can:


Acquire the ability to correctly select firing positions.


Obtain the skills of finding and neutralizing enemy snipers.


Identify soldiers' weaknesses and improve them by adjusting the training settings.


Learn to quickly change positions while avoiding enemy sniper fire.


Conduct personal training or training for a large number of soldiers.

The components of the Anti-sniper system


SKIFTECH personal kits


Interactive targets with remote control

SKIFTECH personal kits

Every soldier who is being trained is wearing a personal kit, as it is a must-have training equipment.

The Dragunov sniper rifle comes with either a barrel clamp or integrated emitter

The hinged emitter is mounted on a regular sniper's personal rifle. The integrated emitter is mounted in the sniper rifle mockup. The emitter laser simulates the firing.

The equipment with the SKIFTECH hit sensors

The vest, the headband or the helmet is put on the training sniper. The hit sensors capture fire from the target and send a signal to the stress-belt system "Dzhmil".

The “Dzhmil” Stress Belt

When hit, the stress-belt sends adjustable electrical impulses to the soldier’s body. Impulses cause muscle contraction and the fighter feels the hit.

Interactive targets with remote control

The hit sensors and sector emitter are located on the target, it hits the sniper in a given area of damage. Targets can have different colors and forms, according to the specifications of the customer.

The benefits of training with interactive targets:

The targets can be managed automatically or manually using a tablet and the software.
The targets have autonomous power, so they can be installed anywhere in the training ground.
The target's firing sector and reaction time are able to match the capabilities of an armed enemy.