The "MON-50" mine complex simulator

The MON-50 complex anti personnel mine simulator is a set of three mockups used to train soldiers. Each MON-50 mockup additionally includes EDP, EDP-r electric detonators, NM-71 and MD-M5 firing mechanisms simulators.

With the help of the "MON-50" complex simulator one can:


Visually familiarize his/herself with the internal structure of the ammunition.


Acquire practical skills for setting-up and aiming.


Learn how to find and deal with explosive devices.

The training with the “MON-50” complex simulator:


The simulator can be installed in any location, regardless of weather conditions.


The simulators need no maintenance. No single-use items are used for training.


Conditional detonation can be done remotely using a reel or in a tripwire.


The damage area and angle of the simulator are as close to the combat equivalent as possible.


MON-50 is synchronized with other SKIFTECH training systems. This gives the ability to arrange realistic training for different types of troops.

The components of the "MON-50" complex simulato:


The mockup (sectional view)


The training portable mockup


The electronic mine simulator


A carrying bag

The MON-50 mockup in section

A 1: 1 scale made of scratch-resistant material.

The main qualities of the MON-50 mockup are:

It allows one to deal with the internal unit of the APM MON-50 ammunition
Allows one to become familiar with the components of the explosive device
The mockup size and additional components are as close as possible to the combat equivalent.

The MON-50 portable mockup

A 1: 1 scale mockup with built-in electronic aiming and system control over correct APM MON-50 assembly

The main qualities of the portable MON-50 mockup:

Allows one to gain the skills of planting and aiming.
Gives complete control to ensure correct assembly and connection of the electrical circuit of the explosive device.
Using regular clamps or planted using spikes to secure, or mask the simulator on the ground.

The MON-50 electronic mine simulator

The electronic simulator for tactical training of soldiers. Allows for the training of soldiers to find and destroy explosive devices in real combat.

The main qualities of the MON-50 electronic mine simulator:

There are two ways to activate the simulator: tripwire and remote detonation.
Speakers for loud indication of detonation of the mine-simulator.
On detonation, the mine strikes the personal kits of all the soldiers in the damage area/angle.

The carrying bag

An analog of the bag used in engineering brigades. Used for carrying conventional explosive devices, detonators, and other circuit elements.

The bag contains:

2 simulators of the anti-personnel explosive devices MON-50.
EDP, EDPr, NM-71, MD-M5 mockups.