Preparation for combat operations in the city


Battle in a city or town is significantly different from hostilities in the field. During its conduct, visibility and shelling are usually very limited, maneuvers are much more difficult, so the main role in such a battle belongs to the infantry.

Effective Training: How SKIFTECH training systems improve combat readiness of the military


Military personnel tactical training is one of the key components of an effective army. It plays a critical part in personnel survival and the successful execution of tasks during combat actions.

Shoothouse – a complex for training assault units

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    Modern servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have to conduct military operations in urban areas. Combat in a city or village hinders visibility, impedes effective fire support and constrains the maneuverability of infantrymen. This makes urban fighting much more difficult than in the open areas. Tactical training for combat operations in urbanized areas is also more complicated, so it is crucial for servicemen to have modern tools for such training.

    SKIFTECH training complex “Shoothouse” has become one of these modern tools. Designed according to the European project and launched in the spring of 2021, “Shoothouse” plays an important role in preparing not only special forces, but also assault units for conducting combat operations in urban areas. In this article, we will tell you how the military is trained using the “Shoothouse” complex.

What does “Shoothouse” consist of?

    “Shoothouse” – is a training complex, in which the military personnel conduct trainings with SKIFTECH equipment. Servicemen use the individual soldier’s kits based on safe lasers, and “Shoothouse” itself consists of:

  1. Territory adjacent to the building
  2. Building for conducting trainings, which is equipped with indoors motion tracking systems, video surveillance, enemy and civilian targets, a system for creating stressful situations, and more.
  3. Training management center.

 Video of “Shoothouse”

Adjacent building

    Before starting the assault, infantry must get to the building. “Shoothouse” complex adjusting territory is used for training to counter enemy snipers, machine gunners and aerial reconnaissance. The special targets imitate sniper and machine gun fire in a particular sector. Military personnel learn tactical techniques for camouflage, relocation and defeating the enemy targets. In addition, instructors can use explosive device simulators (for example, MON-50 or PMN-2 mines). This allows the infantry to hone their skills in detecting and deactivating enemy explosive devices.

Training building

    Once the soldiers take up positions near the building, the assault begins. Inside the building, the stressful situations creating system goes off, which consists of speakers, pyrotechnics and lighting effects. Speakers can play the sound of gunfire, explosions or screams of the wounded. Pyrotechnics and lightning effects create visual obstacles and distractions for the military conducting the assault.

    Inside the building, there are enemy targets equipped with laser emitters that perform sectorial shelling. If the wrong algorithm of actions is performed during the clearing, the soldier may be conditionally wounded, which the instructor will immediately see. Apart from targets, catapults with grenade simulators create a conditional threat.

    Soldiers use special devices to record the psychophysiological parameters. During the assault these parameters are displayed in the training management center, and can be saved for further analysis. Repeated training under the stressful situations system teaches soldiers to maintain composure and coherence in difficult conditions.

 Training management center

    Each exercise is recorded and stored locally on the operator’s computer in training management center. After the trainings, tactical specialists can watch the training’s video and soldiers’ movements through the complex to detect weaknesses and strengths in training, as well as evaluate the performance using the statics table.

    The training management center is used to configure and control the systems of the complex. Configuration is performed using the software installed on the training operator’s computer. The complex can operate according to the preset algorithm or in a manual mode, controlled by the operator.


The result of using the Shuthouse complex

The war in Ukraine today demonstrate that combat tactical training in urbanized areas is becoming one of the key factors of a successful military strategy. It allows soldiers to effectively counter threats, ensure the safety of civilians and to achieve strategic goals in difficult combat conditions.

An important advantage of “Shoothouse” training complex is an opportunity to provide the military with a realistic training environment that is as close as possible to the real combat conditions. This helps to effectively prepare the military to conduct effective operations in urban environments.

In this way, “Shoothouse” is becoming not only a place for training, but also a valuable tool for enhancing the combat readiness and the professionalism of the Ukrainian military. Its usage allows to prepare servicemen for the most difficult challenges they may face during combat operations.