Innovative Technologies: The Role of High-Precision Training Systems and SKIFTECH in Military Training


   In the modern world, amidst increasing threats and complex military scenarios, effective military training becomes an integral component of

Trends in Military Training: How SKIFTECH Training Systems Meet Modern Requirements


The key trends shaping the modern image of military tactical training.

Effective Training: How SKIFTECH training systems improve combat readiness of the military

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    Military personnel tactical training is one of the key components of an effective army. It plays a critical part in personnel survival and the successful execution of tasks during combat actions. In this article, we will look at how SKIFTECH training systems provide quality training and increase the survival of military personnel.

Tactics are the basis of survival

    In combat operations, the battlefield theory knowledge and the ability to apply tactical measures may be the decisive factors for survival. SKIFTECH simulators help to master the theory and practice thanks to realistic combat conditions. Laser simulators usage for bilateral fire contact recreates various combat scenarios, ranging from firefights in populated areas to reconnaissance or sabotage in the forest. Soldiers gain valuable experience in organizing combat and interacting as part of a group.

     Armed with the knowledge of various tactical measures during training with SKIFTECH simulators, military personnel are equipped to respond appropriately to unforeseen changes or non-standard situations on the battlefield. They can quickly find the appropriate shelter, retreat or attack, adjust artillery fire or evacuate the wounded.

Efficiency in hostilities conduct

    Tactical training with SKIFTECH allows the military personnel to learn and apply combined-arms tactics and strategies to achieve the set goals. Servicemen study the tactics of attack, defense, the movement of troops, interact with special units and much more. This helps to ensure the effectiveness and coordination during combat operations of any complexity and terrain, reducing the risks for its own forces and increasing the probability for a successful task execution.

    For example, since 2019, military unit 3045 of the National Guard of Ukraine has been using SKIFTECH training systems to practice the defense and protection of the strategic object of the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant. This experience has been adopted by most military units that serve at strategic facilities. SKIFTECH training systems allow safe tactical training of soldiers directly at the strategic facility, which provides a significant advantage in the event of an attack on the facility.

    The deputy commander of the military unit, Major Alexander Glazkov, commented on the use of SKIFTECH system for training:
    “This system allows conducting effective training of personnel without the use of ammunition. We can train not only special forces, but also control units, practice the issues of military security in different types of combat, both indoors and outdoors, because protecting and defending the strategic object of the state – Rivne NPP – every serviceman must be ready to operate within the unit for any circumstances.”

Working during stressful situations

    War is a constant stressful situation, where it is crucial to respond quickly and correctly in the conditions of increased adrenaline and danger. Realistic tactical training with SKIFTECH simulators in conditions close to real battles helps military personnel develop decision-making skills when under stress, maintain composure and confidence in their own actions. 

Tactical training during the war

    Tactical training with SKIFTECH equipment provides military personnel not only with knowledge, but with a skill to apply this knowledge in real conditions of hostilities. This increases their survival chances and enhances the effectiveness of the individual soldier and the unit as a whole. For two years of full-scale war, more than 30,000 servicemen from various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine underwent tactical training with SKIFTECH simulators. According to the military, training fighters on Skiftech equipment, training on simulators increases the chance of saving life in combat conditions up to 30%.