Shoothouse – a complex for training assault units


“Shoothouse” plays an important role in preparing not only special forces, but also assault units for conducting combat operations in urban areas.

Preparation for combat operations in the city


Battle in a city or town is significantly different from hostilities in the field. During its conduct, visibility and shelling are usually very limited, maneuvers are much more difficult, so the main role in such a battle belongs to the infantry.

SKIFTECH’s contribution to the victory: two years of support for the Ukrainian army

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Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has significantly altered the strategies and approaches to training Ukrainian defenders. It could be online courses and volunteer military schools, or professional training centers. This practice serves two primary objectives: to train people without military experience and to share experiences between military personnel and new recruits to ensure the most effective training.

The use of modern technology and weapon simulators plays an important role in military training. NATO countries have been using such innovative tools for decades. Ukraine also used foreign simulators before the domestic market decided to introduce its own solutions. SKIFTECH is one of the largest suppliers of tactical simulators in Ukraine. The manufacturer’s contribution to improving the efficiency and combat capability of our military is extremely significant.

Challenges in classical training

There are several significant shortcomings in traditional military training. First, it is unilateral and individualized training. Soldiers usually face immovable targets on the battlefield, which does not help develop their coordination and teamwork.

The second problem is the high cost of blank ammunition, which is widely used abroad. Each combined arms training ground can spend up to 30 thousand dollars a month on such ammunition, which, unfortunately, does not provide real feedback on shooting accuracy. According to Ukrainian instructors, due to the lack of effective feedback, soldiers have no incentive to shoot more accurately, and more than 60% do not even use target practice during training.

Another issue is training, which takes place in conditions that are far from real combat conditions. Often, these are classes in classrooms and classrooms using modern simulators.

More than 3,000 units for training

SKIFTECH, which has been developing equipment for military training for almost 10 years, offers a solution to these problems. The Ukrainian manufacturer develops tactical simulators for various types of troops, including infantry, artillery, mortars, ATGMs, man-portable air defense systems, and military vehicles such as tanks, armored personnel carriers, and infantry fighting vehicles. The team uses advanced technologies, including lasers and mathematical models for ballistic weapons, to create appropriate simulations. SKIFTECH also develops hardware that works with the software as a single system, allowing different types of troops to train at the same training ground at the same time. Over the past two years, tactical simulators Individual Weapon Systems (over 2000 units) and mines and grenades (over 1000 units) have been the most popular among the military.

Most importantly, tactical simulators match the characteristics of real weapons, such as firing rate, number of rounds in the magazine, and other parameters. This allows the military to conduct training that is as close as possible to the conditions of a real battle. Compared to other tactical simulators used in classrooms, SKIFTECH simulators reproduce real conditions by 80-90%, which puts them ahead of the rest.

Another significant advantage of tactical simulators from the Ukrainian manufacturer is the ability to conduct an After Action Review and receive feedback from the instructor for the soldiers. The instructor can monitor the training process and the actions of each soldier in real time using a tablet that displays the entire course of the training, the number of shots, accuracy, and the results of each soldier.

Feedback from the Ukrainian military

The effectiveness of training with tactical simulators is best reflected in the feedback from the military who participated in training.

Video of the training of the First Presidential Brigade “Bureviy”

“The instructors say that such training makes it possible to create conditions as close as possible to combat operations,” the soldiers of the First Presidential Brigade “Bureviy” say.

Training of the 60th separate mechanized Inhulets brigade

“Tactical simulators based on laser technologies help our soldiers to focus on tactics, communication and strategy, as trainers have the opportunity to set up various scenarios and training rules, compared to airsoft, which we described in our last post. However, it is the alternation of airsoft and laser tag training that brings the most benefit to improve the combat training of the units of the 60th Separate Mechanized Inhulets Brigade.”

Training of the 128th separate mountain assault brigade

“Each time the assault was more coordinated and faster, because every mistake is immediately identified and corrected.”

Training of the Interspecies Training Center

“The training was conducted using the Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems from the Ukrainian manufacturer Skiftech, which has once again proved its quality and effectiveness in such training, and has also received a positive assessment from the Canadian military.”

Training of the 128th separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

“Laser tag in the war? That’s right! In between combat missions, where there are real bullets, mines, artillery and rockets, our brigade’s fighters continue to actively prepare and train. It is a great addition to the training of adult soldiers.”

The 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade Kholodnyi Yar, which fought in Bakhmut, is refining its coordination during assaults using tactical simulation systems. “Training is conducted in various settings, including fields, plantations, and urban areas. With the aid of Laser Tag, soldiers practice firearms training in dynamic scenarios. This enables us to prepare for the challenges that infantry units may face on the battlefield,” stated the military.

SKIFTECH has experience working with the Trident Defense Initiative (TDI), the largest foreign organization in Ukraine that engages former NATO military personnel to provide standardized training to the Ukrainian military.

“Tactical simulators are a valuable tool for training troops in a safe and controlled environment in which they develop and use important combat skills such as communications and small unit tactics,” emphasize the British instructors of the Trident Defense Initiative.

In early February 2024, the Ukrainian manufacturer presented its equipment to the US National Guard. The meeting was attended by more than 30 other foreign manufacturers and the US military. American colleagues especially showed interest in operational solutions, rapid adaptability of tactics, strategies and technological solutions from SKIFTECH.

Six new tactical simulators

Over the past 2023, SKIFTECH has been actively working on the development of six new tactical simulators that have not yet been on the market. These innovative simulators, such as Stinger MANPADS, RPG, AGL, SPG, SPAAG, as well as a new generation of Individual Weapon System were developed in accordance with the specific needs and requirements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In a short period of time, the company has successfully manufactured and delivered more than 3000 units of equipment for training centers in the Army, Marine Corps, National Guard of Ukraine and Territorial Defense Forces. 

New SKIFTECH developments use advanced technologies such as lasers and artificial intelligence to create realistic simulations. For example, the FIM-92 STINGER man-portable air defense system simulator, developed in record time, reproduces combat conditions by 80-90%. This allows the military to get the most effective and realistic training before going on real combat operations.

The success of SKIFTECH is not limited to numerical indicators, it is also reflected in the increased efficiency of our military units. Through high quality training and innovative solutions, SKIFTECH helps to enhance Ukraine’s military capabilities and provides our military with the necessary tools to effectively prepare for modern challenges and threats.

The use of the SKIFTECH system, which reproduces combat conditions, has many advantages. It allows the military to train in realistic conditions, which helps to increase their responsiveness and adaptability. In addition, the system allows for effective modeling of various combat scenarios, which contributes to the development of tactical skills and unit management abilities.

The last two years of full-scale war are evidence of how the domestic company SKIFTECH can make a significant contribution to improving the defense and security of our country.

    Photos used in this article were provided by the press service of the 60th Inhulets Brigade