How to Choose Tactical Simulators?


In recent years of war in Ukraine, with the increasing demand for military training, new companies have emerged on the market offering tactical simulators. This article will discuss what to pay attention to before purchasing tactical simulators.

SKIFTECH’s contribution to the victory: two years of support for the Ukrainian army


Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has significantly altered the strategies and approaches to training Ukrainian defenders.

Modern technologies in the training of National Guard of Ukraine cadets

Time 12:14

    Cadets of the National Guard Military Academy of Ukraine use modern technology in their training. They are training in close combat using SKIFTECH Tactical Engagement Simulation Systems.

    During the training, the cadets practiced passing security corners in groups, learned to move along corridors, and practiced ways to open doors and enter rooms. The future commanders also practiced storming a three-story building.

   “Training in such scenarios helps the group to harmonize their interaction and improve the work of the unit as a whole. All the knowledge and practical skills that future commanders are learning now will be applied during the assault on the building and its clearing directly in the combat zone,” said one of the instructors of the Military Academy. “Practice has shown that the SKIFTECH two-way fire contact simulators based on laser technologies is more effective than shooting with blank ammunition. Thanks to this system, every soldier can feel the fire contact with the enemy.” 

    The soldiers note that such training systems provide an opportunity to conduct tactical training for soldiers as close as possible to real combat.

Photo: The National Guard Military Academy of Ukraine