Case Study: Real Examples of Successful Implementation of SKIFTECH Systems in Various Military Structures


SKIFTECH tactical training systems are utilized in the training of ground forces within the military.

Pros of in-house production: Reasons to choose SKIFTECH


Personalized development, additional features to the software, and ongoing modernization of the equipment through regular feedback are what SKIFTECH is praised for.

SKIFTECH: Optimizing Training Experience with Tactical Simulator Technical Support

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   In the contemporary world, tactical simulators have become an integral part of training programs and military exercises. The tactical systems from SKIFTECH stand out for their advanced technologies and high quality. However, for the most effective use of these systems, technical support plays a crucial role. In this article, we will explore how technical support and services enhance the efficiency of using SKIFTECH tactical simulators.

Service Excellence

   SKIFTECH’s training equipment is widely utilized in training centers and military units throughout Ukraine. The high demand for their products results in SKIFTECH experts spending considerable time traveling to different military units to deliver equipment and train instructors on its usage.

SKIFTECH’s training process includes:

  • Introduction and Familiarization: Conducted at the customer’s location, responsible personnel, including future instructors, are introduced to the equipment and its features.
  • Testing and Practical Training: In-field testing and hands-on practice with the equipment at the customer’s location, ensuring proficiency in operating tactical simulators.
  • Instructor-Led Training: SKIFTECH’s methodologists lead training sessions for other military personnel and address any issues or errors that may arise during the process.

Upon completion of the three training stages, personnel undergo testing to assess their readiness.

Ongoing Training and Skill Enhancement

   Instructors who have mastered one tactical system from SKIFTECH can undergo additional training to operate other SKIFTECH systems. As SKIFTECH offers a wide range of products, clients are provided with video materials and instructions for independent learning.

Moreover, instructors familiar with the individual kit for military personnel can opt for additional training on tactical systems for armored vehicles at an additional cost. This flexibility allows instructors to broaden their expertise.

Instructors also have the opportunity to elevate their qualifications, enabling them to conduct training sessions not only for squads but also for platoons or even battalions.

Technical Support Excellence


   SKIFTECH has service centers in Ukraine, Poland, and the USA, ensuring prompt replacement or repair of malfunctioning equipment. SKIFTECH provides a 24-month warranty on all equipment and tactical simulators. After the warranty period, clients are offered equipment upgrades with an extended warranty.

Throughout the simulator’s service life, users receive free technical consultations and the option for representatives from the client’s side to undergo training in simulator operation or equipment maintenance at SKIFTECH’s facility or the client’s training center.


300% Reliability Margin

   SKIFTECH employs only high-quality and tested materials in manufacturing equipment. For instance, the military vehicle equipment set is made of impact-resistant material, ensuring durability in various environmental conditions.

Even in cases where instructors inadequately secure equipment on armored vehicles before a session, SKIFTECH’s equipment remains resilient, showcasing a 300% reliability margin.


Concluding Thoughts

   From the production stage, SKIFTECH specialists put maximum effort into ensuring equipment undergoes rigorous testing, minimizing the risk of defects reaching the client. Therefore, SKIFTECH’s technical support primarily focuses on addressing equipment issues resulting from non-compliance with operating rules rather than addressing “non-working” equipment.

SKIFTECH’s field teams are dedicated to daily activities involving setup, equipment handovers, and training for tactical exercises. Additionally, SKIFTECH’s methodologists conduct training sessions for military personnel, covering a broad spectrum of services – from basic skills to complex tactical scenarios. This approach allows warriors not only to master the technical capabilities of the systems but also to use them effectively in any conditions.