Pros of in-house production: Reasons to choose SKIFTECH


Personalized development, additional features to the software, and ongoing modernization of the equipment through regular feedback are what SKIFTECH is praised for.

SKIFTECH Showcased its Capabilities in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event


The conference brought together 30 military tech manufacturers along with National Guard leaders from each state in the USA. 

Case Study: Real Examples of Successful Implementation of SKIFTECH Systems in Various Military Structures

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    SKIFTECH tactical training systems are utilized in the training of ground forces within the military.

    SKIFTECH simulators are used by individual brigades stationed at permanent bases and in large training centers, accommodating military personnel from different parts of Ukraine.

    Despite the tremendous advancements in weaponry, the role of infantry remains crucial in the modern world. Infantry conducts combat operations both in offensive and defensive scenarios and plays a leading role in counter-terrorism and stabilization efforts.

    Hence, infantrymen are the primary users of SKIFTECH simulators. Individual kits for simulating bilateral firefights provide the opportunity to conduct tactical training that closely resembles real combat.

    With these individual kits, military personnel can practice the following fundamentals of tactical training:

  • Reaction to contact
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB) or room clearing
  • Urban warfare (FIBUA) and city movement
  • Defense of a populated area
  • Assault on a populated area, and more

    Example of SKIFTECH equipment usage by infantry:

  • 128th Separate Mountain Assault Brigade, Zakarpattia: Video Link
  • 1st Presidential Brigade of Operational Purpose named after Hetman Petro Doroshenko “Bureviy”: Video Link
  • 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade “Kholodny Yar”: Video Link
Reconnaissance and Special Operations Forces

    While infantry serves as the primary force on the battlefield, reconnaissance is the most crucial component of combat support. Reconnaissance gathers information about the enemy, terrain, and weather in the area of future combat operations, essential for preparation and successful combat operations conducted by infantry.

    Currently, 15 units of military intelligence in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine are executing combat tasks while also training with SKIFTECH equipment. Among them are both separate reconnaissance battalions and separate units of special purpose.

    Example of SKIFTECH equipment usage by military intelligence and Special Operations Forces.

   Military Intelligence:


Training of Special Units

    Several training centers in Western Ukraine identified the need for a technological and modern complex to practice various tasks related to the capture and defense of buildings and adjacent territories, clearing premises from armed opponents, and hostage rescue. The primary requirement was maximum realism and the ability to create custom scenarios. The SKIFTECH team fulfilled this task by developing the training complex “Sarmat.”

   “Sarmat” Training Complex allows:

  • Conducting a full cycle of special operations training of various complexity levels, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Learning to counter various enemy targets (shooters, snipers, UAVs, mines).
  • Realistically simulating combat situations and tracking psychophysiological indicators.
  • Tracking the actions of fighters in real-time using cameras and indoor positioning systems.
  • Obtaining complete statistics on the performance and effectiveness of fighters, with the ability to analyze results after training for an objective assessment.

    The complex can be used for training assault groups, snipers, paramedics, and unit commanders.

    Video presentation of Shuthaus “Sarmat”:

Flexibility of Use

    SKIFTECH tactical simulators are safe for military personnel and the environment, allowing training in non-standard conditions. For example, Military Unit 3045 of the National Guard of Ukraine has been using “SKIFTECH” training systems since 2019 to practice defense and protection of a strategic object—the Rivne Nuclear Power Plant.

    The military unit was equipped with individual tactical training kits through the partnership of the National Guard of Ukraine with the U.S. Department of Energy.

   Deputy Commander of the military unit, Major Oleksandr Glazkov, commented on training using the “SKIFTECH” system: “This system allows for effective training of personnel without using ammunition. We can conduct training not only for special forces but also for control units, practicing combat support in various types of combat, both indoors and in open terrain. Protecting the strategic object of the state—the Rivne NPP—every serviceman must be ready to act as part of a unit in any conditions.”

   The training system allows for training on a real object that soldiers will defend during military service. This enhances the realism and effectiveness of training.

Armored Vehicle Crews

    Despite the common belief that armored vehicles have lost relevance in modern technological warfare, armored vehicle crews continue to perform crucial tasks – breaking through the prepared enemy defense, organizing strong defense, conducting high-maneuver combat operations, and covering infantry.

    SKIFTECH armored vehicle equipment kits are used for effective tactical training based on standard armored vehicles in conditions closely resembling combat. SKIFTECH equipment allows:

  • Training crews in various tactics and techniques for conducting combat operations within their units, effectively utilizing weapons in complex combat conditions (day and night).
  • Developing leadership skills in the constant management of units and the effective use of firepower in combat.
  • Preparing units for conducting effective and coordinated actions in modern warfare.

     While armored vehicle equipment may not be as widespread as, for example, infantry equipment, it is used daily not only for the tactical training of individual crews but also for coordination with infantry in mechanized units.

    Tank unit competitions: 

    Video presentation of the communication system and equipment for armored vehicles by SKIFTECH: 


    The examples of real-world use of SKIFTECH systems in various military structures mentioned in the article indicate a high level of efficiency and reliability of these technologies. The implementation of innovative solutions from SKIFTECH allows for improved coordination, reliable communication, and an overall enhancement of the functionality of military units. In summary, the integration of SKIFTECH systems in diverse military agencies contributes to optimization and ensures modern approaches to management.