SKIFTECH Showcased its Capabilities in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event


The conference brought together 30 military tech manufacturers along with National Guard leaders from each state in the USA. 

SKIFTECH at the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event


SKIFTECH will be participating in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event on February 7th in Michigan.

Pros of in-house production: Reasons to choose SKIFTECH

Time 09:40

   SKIFTECH full-cycle simulation systems made in Ukraine are used for tactical training of the military. As of today, SKIFTECH simulators are used in every training center in Ukraine.


Own development

   SKIFTECH provides a comprehensive and full-cycle solution. Development and manufacturing are performed internally, with no dependence on third-party intermediaries. Its own R&D team consists of 50+ highly qualified engineers who can customize current simulators or create a new system according to customer specifications.

The company’s development and production team consists of:

  •   Design Department;
  •   Testing Department;
  •   Development team;
  •   Production;
  •   Assembly Department.

Being able to gather all the necessary specialists under one roof speeds up development and production, reduces the cost of equipment, and ensures that new features can be introduced quickly based on feedback from the military.


Unified ecosystem

   Each piece of equipment for tactical training interacts with each other (regardless of the year of manufacture) and can be combined into a single complex to conduct simultaneous training for different types and forces.

The following units can interact within the same training scenario:

  •   Riflemen;
  •   Snipers;
  •   Military equipment crews (tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles);
  •   Artillery and mortar detachments;
  •   Military engineers;
  •   Anti-aircraft gunners;

And others on request.



   All SKIFTECH training systems rely on digital signal transmission technology and safe infrared radiation. The electronics are mounted on small arms or military equipment to simulate realistic fire without any physical ammunition or projectiles. This approach reduces the risk of injury and facilitates training for inexperienced soldiers.



   The software package was developed by the SKIFTECH team to manage classes and customize equipment, while its functionality can be customized to meet customer requirements. Such an option allows our customers both to order new simulators with new software and to edit the capabilities of existing ones. The software security excludes the possibility of leaking data on equipment users or records of terrain and training chronology.

Maintenance and technical support

   SKIFTECH runs service centers in Ukraine, Poland, and the USA. All equipment supplied by SKIFTECH is warranted for 24 months. If a particular training module is confirmed to be out of order, it will be repaired or replaced with a new one. Once the warranty period expires, the customer is offered to upgrade the equipment with a subsequent warranty extension. All users are provided with free technical consultations and the opportunity to train customer representatives to handle the simulator or to maintain the equipment at SKIFTECH facilities or the customer’s training center for the entire period of its service life.


Training sessions on how to use simulators

   Training sessions on how to use simulators are held in three stages:

  1. Studying the machinery. It is conducted in the classroom for designated persons (junior officers).
  2. Developing the acquired skills in working with equipment in the field.
  3. Introducing the principles of working with the simulator to subordinates, practicing, and analyzing gaps.

Once the three stages of training are completed, the personnel are assessed for the readiness levels.


Demo samples

   When customers request several testing samples before purchasing equipment, SKIFTECH can offer discounts on the selected quantity and equipment models based on individual terms. Customers can test the equipment personally, while SKIFTECH specialists will assist with setup and consultations online.


Key takeaways

   Personalized development, additional features to the software, and ongoing modernization of the equipment through regular feedback are what SKIFTECH is praised for. The team collects feedback not only on the equipment but also on real tactics on the battlefield from military personnel with real combat experience. This is how we create realistic simulators that are used outside the classroom, in conditions as close as possible to real warfare. Top-level military commanders report a 30% increase in the survival rate of their troops after completing a tactical training course with SKIFTECH equipment.