SKIFTECH at the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event


SKIFTECH will be participating in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event on February 7th in Michigan.

Plurality of applications: How SKIFTECH gets adapted to different types of military training


Today, the SKIFTECH range of products includes over 20 tactical simulators, which can be used to conduct tactical training for any land unit with up to 1,000 Individual Weapon Systems, armored vehicle kits, or other simulators.

SKIFTECH Showcased its Capabilities in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event

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The conference brought together 30 military tech manufacturers along with National Guard leaders from each state in the USA. 

Michael Obod, the company’s co-founder, showcased SKIFTECH’s cutting-edge solutions, including wireless technologies, stress-belt, and an AI tool — computer vision that is employed in the new STINGER simulator.

The event provided an opportunity to communicate with other manufacturing companies and the US military. Engagement with the US military revealed a keen interest in operational solutions, drawing upon the experiences of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and their agile adoption of tactics, strategies, and technological advancements.

The SKIFTECH team gleaned valuable insights and experiences from the conference, which will inform the development of effective training systems tailored to military needs. 

The Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event is organized by the National Army Warfare Center (NADWC) in collaboration with the Northern Strike training course, an annual combat readiness exercise held at National Guard facilities in Michigan, as well as training units from various states and countries. This marked SKIFTECH’s inaugural participation in the event, signifying a milestone in its engagement with military stakeholders.