Plurality of applications: How SKIFTECH gets adapted to different types of military training


Today, the SKIFTECH range of products includes over 20 tactical simulators, which can be used to conduct tactical training for any land unit with up to 1,000 Individual Weapon Systems, armored vehicle kits, or other simulators.

SKIFTECH Technologies: Overview of Advanced Technologies Used in SKIFTECH Systems for Effective Military Training


SKIFTECH’s team utilizes cutting-edge technologies that are also applied in the tactical training of military personnel in NATO countries.

SKIFTECH at the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event

Time 15:34

We’re excited to announce that SKIFTECH will be participating in the Middle Planning Conference Industry Integration Event on February 7th in Michigan.

Hosted by the National All-Domain Warfighting Center (NADWC) and Northern Strike, alongside training units from various states and countries, this conference serves as a pivotal platform for collaboration and innovation.

Representing SKIFTECH at this event will be our co-founder, Michael Obod. “Our simulators deliver immediate returns from the very first day of training, guaranteeing cost efficiency. Trusted by esteemed entities such as the US Department of Energy, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and 15 other state military organizations, our primary objective is to provide comprehensive After Action Review capabilities. This empowers our partners with efficient and life-saving training experiences,” notes Obod.

The event offers an invaluable opportunity for industry leaders to showcase their capabilities to unit leadership, present cutting-edge technologies, and strategize integration plans with interested units and exercise planners. SKIFTECH is eager to engage with attendees, providing detailed insights into our technological solutions and services tailored for effective military training.