SKIFTECH: Optimizing Training Experience with Tactical Simulator Technical Support


SKIFTECH field teams are involved daily in setting up and commissioning equipment for tactical training. Military personnel receive comprehensive assistance from both on-site specialists and through online support.

Case Study: Real Examples of Successful Implementation of SKIFTECH Systems in Various Military Structures


SKIFTECH tactical training systems are utilized in the training of ground forces within the military.

SKIFTECH has been shortlisted for the DOU award

Time 09:42

    The Ukrainian tactical simulator manufacturer SKIFTECH has been shortlisted for the “Most Promising Project in the Military Tech Industry” by DOU.

    The award ceremony was held this year for the first time as part of the DOU initiative, which recognizes and rewards initiatives and projects aimed at supporting Ukraine’s technological development and victory in the war.

    “Our mission is to preserve the lives and health of our defenders by creating the most realistic solutions for effective team training,” said Anastasia Melnykova, SKIFTECH representative. “We are glad that Ukraine is introducing awards that recognize the contribution of manufacturers to the technological development of Ukraine and the Ukrainian army.”

    SKIFTECH plans to continue to actively develop its projects and contribute to Ukraine’s technological growth, helping to ensure national security and victory in modern challenges.