SKIFTECH has been shortlisted for the DOU award


The Ukrainian tactical simulator manufacturer SKIFTECH has been shortlisted for the “Most Promising Project in the Military Tech Industry” by DOU media

SKIFTECH: Optimizing Training Experience with Tactical Simulator Technical Support


SKIFTECH field teams are involved daily in setting up and commissioning equipment for tactical training. Military personnel receive comprehensive assistance from both on-site specialists and through online support.

SKIFTECH: Safety and Compliance with Standards in Tactical Simulators

Time 15:09

   Safety and compliance with standards are fundamental principles for any system, especially in the military and law enforcement sectors. In this context, SKIFTECH presents innovative developments that not only ensure safety but also adhere to high standards, providing effective training and preparation.

Infrared Lasers: Eye and Environment Safety

   SKIFTECH’s laser tactical simulators use infrared radiation to transmit data from the mounted emitter on weapons or vehicles to hit sensors on vests, helmet covers, or equipment. This radiation is safe for human eyes and the environment, producing no harmful energy or radiation that could damage vision.

SKIFTECH specialists adhere to high safety standards for laser devices, ensuring compliance with regulations and safety requirements.

Overall Safety: lasers and battle simulation

   SKIFTECH’s laser tactical simulators, designed for simulating bilateral firefight scenarios, stand out with an elevated level of safety compared to other military simulators. This is achieved through:

Absence of real ammunition

Laser simulators use infrared rays to simulate gunfire, avoiding the use of real bullets or projectiles. This significantly reduces the risk of accidents and injuries during training.

Proper weapon handling

Laser simulators allow military personnel to practice with their standard weapons in realistic conditions without the need for significant expenses on ammunition or weapon maintenance. Sensors on vests and helmets signal hits, even from simulated “friendly” forces.

Synthetic training environment (STE)

   SKIFTECH’s Synthetic Training Environment, utilizing the latest immersive and mobile technologies, is a successful solution in the realm of safety and training. STE brings participants together in a multi-level mixed reality.

The SKITECH team offers STE simulators based on real weapons, allowing military personnel to train in various scenarios. These simulators enable mathematical calculations and “hits” on targets based on the operator’s provided data.

Certified equipment protection

   SKIFTECH’s equipment fully complies with international quality and safety standards. Equipment protection for military vehicles includes IP66, ensuring complete protection against dust and water from any angle.


   SKIFTECH systems go beyond established standards, providing not only effective training but also ensuring impeccable safety during the use of military equipment. Innovative approaches to battle simulation and the utilization of advanced technologies make SKIFTECH a leader in the field of tactical simulators.