SKIFTECH at the Eurosatory 2022


SKIFTECH is going to participate in Eurosatory 2022 in Paris. This is the only international exhibition dedicated exclusively to defense activities on the ground (ground-to-ground and air-to-ground equipment).

SKIFTECH – more than 5 years the basis of tactical training of the army of Ukraine


SKIFTECH systems are in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, National Guard, State Border Guard Service, Special Operations Forces and other state military organizations.

Tactical simulators for NATO weapons

Time 06:12

The SKIFTECH company produces tactical simulators for different types of weapons and equipment. The Kalashnikov rifle platform was the basis for us to create systems for small arms.

For tanks – T-64, T-72 and T-80.

For armored vehicles – BMP and BTR-4.

In response to increasing requests, the SKIFTECH team is beginning to adapt existing tactical simulators to NATO weapons and equipment, as well as developing new systems. For example, our modular fire simulation systems for armored vehicles are already applicable to NATO tanks and armored vehicles.

The line of new tactical simulators will include simulators for:

  • small arms;
  • armored vehicles;
  • barrel artillery;
  • multiple launch rocket systems;
  • MANPADS and ATGMs;

We strive to make training as accessible, simple, and cost-effective as possible. For example, currently in one of the military units in Ukraine, up to 500 people are trained on simulators per day with no expenses for the training ground. SKIFTECH systems have been used for seven years to train soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, National Guard of Ukraine, Special Operations Forces and State Border Guard Service.

Some of our solutions, such as the hinged unit for small arms, are already being used on such assault rifles as M4 and HK. Also, the integration of a laser transmitter into a Glock pistol has been successfully used.

We are currently adapting a modular fire simulation system for armored vehicles and developing new tactical simulators, including custom ones. As before, all systems will function in the same ecosystem and a single exercise can involve:

1. Infantrymen

2. Snipers

3. Tankmen

4. Artillerymen and mortar squads

5. Military engineers

6. Anti-aircraft gunners

7. And others that can be custom added

My name is Michael Obod, I am the founder of SKIFTECH. If you are interested in our tactical simulators, please contact me:

+38 063 232 64 82

[email protected]