Alternative military training methods


Soldier readiness being the goal and training being the means. It’ll never be acceptable to send soldiers unprepared to battle.

The TM-62 anti-tank mine simulator


SKIF has created a new anti-tank mine simulator with which tankmen, sappers, and representatives of other types of troops have already been training.

SKIF for effective intelligence training

Time 11:57

One of the most modern Military Intelligence Training Centers was established in the Ukrainian military town of Ostrog. Ukrainian intelligence officers have the opportunity to undergo comprehensive training on the basis at a single center.

Training process

The personal qualities of the soldiers are fostered in the early stages of training, and after that, they are taught teamwork within a platoon or battalion.

The SKIF laser systems are used for the tactical training of soldiers. Firstly, it allows allow you to teach units to work in harmony, and secondly, it is one of the most modern ways to conduct realistic training of combat.

The use of laser combat technology to train intelligence officers was chosen because of the successful experience at NATO military bases.

The following SKIF equipment is used when training intelligence officers:

  1. Hinged blocks for small arms, which allow you to practice firing from a sidearm with blank rounds, or without (deleted).
  2. Equipment with hit sensors (vest and helmet cover) – captures the hit and indicates it with the light and vibration.
  3. Grenade launchers with integrated emitters to practice hitting military equipment.