Foreign Instructors Train the Ukrainian Military with SKIFTECH Tactical Simulation Systems


Trident Defense Initiative in partnership with SKIFTECH conducted a course of tactical training for the Ukrainian military using simulators based on laser technology.

SKIFTECH Participated at I/ITSEC 2023


SKIFTECH participated in the world’s largest modeling, simulation, and training event –  I/ITSEC 2023 in Orlando, Florida. The company showcased our latest simulators for the Stinger, Mk19, RPG-7, and SPAAG Gepard.

History of SKIFTECH: A brief overview of the development of tactical simulators for military training by SKIFTECH

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In 2013, instructors from the Military Institute of Tank Forces at the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute” approached a company specializing in commercial laser tag equipment manufacturing with a request to create equipment for military training using laser tag technology. Specialists began exploring military tech and designing the prototypes of tactical simulators, marking the company’s entry into military technologies.

The First Tactical Simulator

The initial simulator was a set of equipment for military vehicles to simulate bilateral firefight scenarios using laser emitters. This equipment could be installed on standard armored vehicles (tanks, IFVs, APCs) without modifying their structure, enabling effective tactical training for vehicle crews. The early equipment prototypes differed from the current products but already served their purpose, providing a fundamentally new level of tactical training.

How the Tactical Vehicle System for Fire Contact Simulation Works

The equipment’s operating principle has remained unchanged for over 10 years:

  • Before training on military vehicles, the hinged unit with a laser emitter is installed.
  • The mounted emitter simulates shots from the tank’s cannon or machine gun.
  • Sensors on the military vehicle’s hull register simulated hits.
  • Hits are accompanied by light and pyrotechnic indicators.
  • The software displays information on hits and other statistics.

The successful release of the military vehicle simulator garnered attention in military circles, leading to orders for training systems for infantry — now one of the most widespread simulators in Ukraine.

Flagship Simulator – Individual Weapon System

SKIFTECH Individual Weapon System (IWS) is used to simulate two-way fire contact. All system’s elements are based on a safe infrared emitters system. IWS for servicemen includes a hinged unit with laser emitter for the weapon, a stress belt, a vest, and a helmet cover with damage sensors. The operation principle of IWS is very similar to military vehicle equipment:

  1. The mounted unit is installed on standard firearms and can operate in two modes: with blank catridges or in Dry-fire mode.
  2. The vest and helmet cover with damage sensors register simulated hits.
  3. The software displays information on hits and other statistics.

Individual Weapon Systems are widely used for training both recruits and enhancing the skills of experienced infantrymen. Currently, up to 300 servicemen can participate in one training session with SKIFTECH equipment, and personal kits are available in every training center in Ukraine.

SKIFTECH is a Key Provider of Tactical Simulators for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Since 2017, SKIFTECH has regularly supplied training equipment to the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In the same year, with the support of the U.S. Department of Energy, projects were implemented to supply SKIFTECH tactical simulators for training National Guard units serving at nuclear power plants in Ukraine.

After mastering this new military direction, the company’s experts began using not only laser emitters but also geo-pairing and STE technologies. Over time, simulators for ATGMs, MANPADS, artillery, explosive device simulators, and others were implemented. Currently, SKIFTECH can provide any ground unit with the necessary training simulators.

New Developments

Currently, the company is working on new simulators based on requests from servicemen. For example, the RPG-7V (rocket-propelled grenade) simulator, one of the world’s most common handheld grenade launchers, is already in use by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In addition to RPGs, the company is simultaneously working on simulators for Stinger, AGS-17 (automatic grenade launcher, western analogue is Mk 19 grenade launcher), SPG-9 grenade launcher (the Swedish analogue is Pvpj 1110), SPAAG (Self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon, the western analogue is Gepard), and a new generation of IWS. Today, the Ukrainian manufacturer of Tactical Simulation Systems SKIFTECH holds the world’s largest portfolio of tactical simulators.

Our team continues to develop and produce simulators, contributing to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and bringing Victory closer!