Classification of Tactical Simulators for Military Personnel


By classifying tactical simulators according to various criteria, military personnel can make a more objective choice and use the necessary equipment to enhance their combat readiness.

What characteristics to pay attention to when choosing simulators?


When choosing tactical simulators for military training, it is important to pay attention to several key characteristics that ensure effective training and increased combat readiness of military personnel.

SKIFTECH at DOU Day 2024

Time 19:56

    On May 18, SKIFTECH took part in the defense technology exhibition by the first DOU Day technology conference.

    Conference participants learned about our Individual Weapon System for fighters, as well as simulators for the STINGER, RPG, mortar, explosive devices, and military equipment. They also got acquainted with the principles of SKIFTECH Assistant software.

    The visitors noted:

  • the ability of the instructor to monitor training and conduct After-Action Reviews;
  • the ecosystem principle, which provides a single set of simulators for the simultaneous training of representatives from different types and branches of the military;
  • one of our most advanced developments, the STINGER simulator, and the use of AI technologies (Computer Vision) in the simulator;
  • the ability to conduct training in conditions as close to combat as possible.

    The conference brought together military tech developers, military personnel, IT specialists, and representatives of charitable foundations. More than 1600 people working in the industry and interested in modern technologies attended the conference.