Development of new scenarios for tactical training


Developing new scenarios for military training is a crucial step in preparing service members for real combat actions.

Modern methods for analyzing military training results


Modern methods for analyzing military training results are based on the use of advanced data collection and analysis technologies, allowing for detailed and accurate results.

Innovative solutions for team training

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   Team training for military personnel is one of the most promising directions for using tactical simulators. Tactical simulators offer unique opportunities for developing teamwork, which is critically important in combat conditions. In this article, we will examine the advantages of using SKIFTECH simulators for team tactical training.


Advantages of using simulators for teamwork

The use of tactical simulators for team training has several significant advantages:


Improving communication quality

Military personnel learn to communicate effectively with each other, relay commands, and exchange information, which is critically important for successful task execution.


Joint actions and coordination

Training is aimed at developing the ability to work as a cohesive unit, where each team member knows their role and is responsible for specific tasks. Military personnel learn to coordinate their movements to avoid chaos and ensure the effective execution of maneuvers.

Command of the Marine Corps of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

“SKIFTECH simulators help train soldiers to better navigate the battlefield. It has been proven that almost seventy percent of soldiers fire chaotically during combat, and only thirty percent aim. Now, with the help of technology, we can work on these aspects in advance because when a person sees that they have been hit, they rethink their behavior and start acting correctly.”

Strategy and tactics

Tactical training includes the development of skills for planning operations, considering various factors such as terrain, enemy positioning, and available resources. Military personnel learn to quickly respond to changing battlefield situations, adapt plans, and make rapid decisions. Training includes analyzing task execution results, identifying mistakes, and developing corrective actions.


Unit commanders and instructors note that thanks to the ability to analyze their actions and correct mistakes, military personnel quickly achieve the required level of proficiency. The use of innovative technologies makes the training process more engaging and motivates military personnel for more active learning. Many users report significant improvements in interaction between unit members after training with SKIFTECH simulators. They have learned to better understand each other and coordinate their actions.


Psychological preparation

   Military personnel who have undergone training with SKIFTECH equipment highly appreciate the realism of the scenarios and the ability to train in conditions as close to real combat as possible. Because the equipment is installed on standard weapons or equipment, military personnel are not distracted by “unrealistic” elements and get used to working in conditions close to real combat.

Head of the Department of the National Academy of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Colonel Andriy Bilorus:

“SKIFTECH systems allow not only to train the shooting skills of soldiers but also to practice full-fledged two-sided fire contact with further tactical development in an environment as close as possible to a real battlefield. In addition, the software records all training information:

  • Coordinates of soldiers’ movements on the training ground.
  • Simulated shots and other actions of the cadets.
  • Characteristics and conditional lethality of injuries.”

Stress resistance

Military personnel learn to work under pressure, maintaining calm and concentration in combat conditions.


Maintaining morale

Group training helps strengthen team spirit, maintain motivation, and provide mutual support among military personnel.


Development of leadership skills

Commanders and leaders learn to manage their subordinates, make important decisions, and take responsibility for operation results.



Major Oleksandr Hlazkov, National Guard of Ukraine:

“SKIFTECH simulators allow for effective training of personnel without the use of ammunition. We can conduct training not only for special forces but also for control units, working on issues of combat support in various types of combat, both in buildings and in open areas. While guarding and defending strategic state facilities, every soldier must be ready to act as part of a unit in any conditions.”


Modern tool for tactical training

Innovative solutions for team training, such as tactical simulators, open new horizons for preparing military personnel. They provide realism, safety, training effectiveness, and promote teamwork.

The functionality of team training modules allows for practicing different scenarios and analyzing results, which contributes to rapid progress and increased combat readiness. Positive feedback from military personnel confirms the effectiveness of such training, making SKIFTECH tactical simulators an indispensable tool in modern military training.